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    Hello lbp-Collective! im SAYWHATBACON and i Create Electronic Trap music using Trap and deep-house and other genre to Produce my music . i was womdering if you could come take a look at my potiential and if you like my quality work you could feature me in a level haha it would mean alot thank you

    Good grief!

    9/9/14 2:42 PM

  • xan-con xan-con

    Could you checkout my Xander VERSUS The World series and add it to the Platformer or Story hubs? This series is actually seriously important to me and needs more recognition

    Good grief!

    6/27/14 7:56 PM

  • kezzykinz kezzykinz

    make an rpg hub!

    Good grief!

    7/18/13 2:06 AM

  • Angelsways1 Angelsways1

    Why is there a limit of 20 LBP2 levels? I'm so prolific that I want to publish as many levels as I want, more than 20.

    Good grief!

    6/15/13 1:03 AM

  • Rocko4652 Rocko4652

    its been about 2 years since ur last hub.any more please?

    Good grief!

    4/7/13 5:16 PM

  • Kmanboogy619 Kmanboogy619


    Good grief!

    3/31/13 4:09 PM

  • Sackbot-Jake Sackbot-Jake

    Nice levels

    Good grief!

    12/7/12 9:47 PM

  • SluFoot_48 SluFoot_48

    I'm interested in this group.. can you check out my profile to see if i'm a fit? thnkx

    Good grief!

    10/28/12 11:52 AM

  • philster-8 philster-8


    Good grief!

    6/12/12 6:35 AM

  • CJTyrano CJTyrano

    Can you Check My "Wild Wood Platformer" level Please ;)

    Good grief!

    5/23/12 1:24 PM

  • JoaoTiago22 JoaoTiago22


    Good grief!

    5/12/12 6:41 PM

  • Skaterboy9800 Skaterboy9800

    u should make a survival hub

    Good grief!

    3/6/12 8:20 PM

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