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  • greenlizard307 greenlizard307

    Hey! i was just looking throgh all your music showcases and, wow! i really like your style of music! you have a variety of diffrent genres, yet they all have your little techy touch to them! great! i was thinking of making a new level, called littlebig planet revaluations fighter, (lol) and wondered if me and you could do a collabaration, you see, i can make music, but only in my sort of style and it would be cool to see what we couldl come up with! From GreenLizard307

    Good grief!

    2/3/13 8:59 AM

  • MrHankey2001 MrHankey2001

    hi im currently in progress of making a volcanic opstical course and i'm looking for a musician that can make me an explosive, dangerous themed song i do ya think you can help? message me back please and h4h noobs leave him alone!

    Good grief!

    1/4/13 6:00 AM

  • nicolasrey333333 nicolasrey333333


    Good grief!

    1/2/13 6:02 PM

  • xPriNceSs_-M xPriNceSs_-M


    Good grief!

    11/3/12 5:01 PM

  • Skullking266 Skullking266


    Good grief!

    9/27/12 1:58 AM

  • GuessWhoo-66 GuessWhoo-66

    Hey, I remember hearing your music and being blown away, would you kindly take a minute and play some of my levels and telling me if they're good or not?

    Good grief!

    8/26/12 1:40 AM

  • HoodZ112 HoodZ112

    I have seen your galleries. Would it be fine if I used some?

    Good grief!

    8/21/12 5:03 PM

  • gonzilla4ever gonzilla4ever

    u are a great musician! it was a pleasure for me to play all your galleries :) i wish to be so good one day and btw the way u started making music lol is just like i started (sorry for my english)

    Good grief!

    8/4/12 9:47 AM

  • cheese7710 cheese7710

    Hello. I know many people are asking this, but I am creating an RPG-style board game and would like to know if you can help me with the music in it.

    Good grief!

    7/10/12 3:58 PM

  • t8rt0tsq t8rt0tsq

    hello my name is t8rt0tsq and i would like to make a request, i need kind of a silly-ish battle-scene song, if you need to know what for, its for a verses level i made called office wars. thx

    Good grief!

    6/14/12 6:53 PM

  • Destroyer5563 Destroyer5563

    You said you were a music creator?

    Good grief!

    5/31/12 1:38 AM

  • sandman1992junio sandman1992junio

    Hello Robbie. I would like to know if u could work on making a few songs for levels i'm currently working on, if yes then message me.

    Good grief!

    5/8/12 10:52 PM

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