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Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle is my first film work. This film has 15 minutes duration, but it hasn't any dialogue. All music in this film was made by @G-Gilgamesh-G. Lot of thanks for him.

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  • Zing_007 Zing_007

    There are some levels that are full of explosions, combos, and deadly bosses. There are also levels that require thinking and deductive reasoning to get yourself through a tight situation. Then there's "Message in a Bottle" By camel504. I have never seen a LBP level quite like this. This is not a movie with evil monsters and superheros, this is a piece of art that does what few movies can do. It has meaning, and purpose. This level does not force you to enjoy it, instead its a bold statement .

    Good grief!

    5/4/12 12:19 AM

  • SpiderMaguire SpiderMaguire

    Dude.. that was beautiful. Never have I seen a more surreal, hypnotic and peaceful movie on LBP... this is art, award winning at that. Everything, the animations, the film-noir style scenery, the timing of the editting.. it was all perfect. Loved it. Please, make more. &#x263A

    Good grief!

    5/3/12 9:02 PM

  • SheWulfey SheWulfey

    Now this is something to think about. You have put a whole new meaning to films in LBP 2. The art is beautiful, mysterious, and intriguing and the entire movie is meaningful enough to give anyone a satisfactory break from all the singing sackbot movies floating around. You, Camel are too epic for words :)

    Good grief!

    6/16/13 4:09 PM

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