Good grief!

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Published in LittleBigPlanet™2 Hearted Queued Solar Flare

Solar Flare

By nk827 nk827

Nothing to see here, just another space shooter. Thanks to hershysnickers5 for logic help, and to my friends for support! Enjoy! (Warning: Extremely Difficult!) Also, I designed this level really badly. The spawner sometimes freezes if an object is over you, and there is no time of invincibility. If anyone would like to try and help me fix it that would be helpful
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  • First published 5/8/12
  • Last published 12/1/12
  • Completed 774 times
Good grief!
  • comishguy67 comishguy67

    Awesome! It's like a mix of Grant1893's Cosmic Crossfire and Johnee's Blast Radius! But a few things: 1. The music was great, but was a bit too "mysterious and eerie". I felt that it should've been a bit more upbeat for a level like this. Also, the ship movements feel a bit "loose and slippery". I would try tightening it up to make it feel more responsive. But those are minor things, great work overall!

    5/8/12 1:59 AM

    Good grief!
  • kateonamission kateonamission

    Nicely done NK!

    5/8/12 10:25 PM

    Good grief!
  • weirdybeardy weirdybeardy

    Brilliant! I had a sneaky preview of this level when it was being constructed, and I think it works really well. That background - beautiful. You're multi-talented and you wear a monocle. Double win!

    5/14/12 8:53 AM

    Good grief!