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Rapunzel's Rodent Problems

Level 1: Rapunzel has Rodent Problems! Long ago, she was kidnapped as a baby and locked away in a tower. The crazy thing about this story is that she was kidnapped by Rats! The evil Rat Queen keeps Rapunzel locked away for her magical hair, so she can stay young! Now its up to you to help Rapunzel but be careful! This situation is very 'hairy'! Speacial thanks to hilightnotes, nk287, comishguy for awesome music and to Shanee-O for support!

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  • Shanee-O Shanee-O

    Absolutely breath taking Edogan! I loved every single thing about it! The story was awesome, the Rapunzel character looked amazing, the scenery was incredible and so atmospheric, the music fit perfectly everywhere and added to the atmosphere, the gameplay was original fun and had a great flow to it, I could go on but I'd be here for days! This is one of (if not my) favorite levels in LBP and I really think this deserves a MM Pick.. Anyways, can't wait to see more from you in the future :)

    Good grief!

    4/2/12 5:28 PM

  • LBP_Moon LBP_Moon

    hi edogan, you made a masterpice. This will be MM picked. the visuals are fantastic and the gameplay is awesome. All LBP must play this. You worked a lot and this is what you get: a masterpice and a lot of people excited! Congratulations!

    Good grief!

    4/2/12 5:33 PM

  • Geet-R Geet-R

    Very enchanted story with fragments of "Tangled" placed pleasantly around it. Great and creative gameplay, absolutely brilliant use of the Gel!

    Good grief!

    4/3/12 4:58 PM

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