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Comishguy67's Original Music Gallery

Thanks sooo much for the MM pick! Prizes now available! Beta songs now available as prizes! 42 original songs: 18 new; 24 old. 3 from LBP2 beta. I'm adding new and old so I can give them all as prizes, also I improved some of the old ones. Be sure to wear good headphones when listening! Thanks to comphermc for fonts and Stunkel for helpful feedback. Post your favorites in the comments! Not the best music, but I hope you all enjoy at least 1 song. ^^

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Top Reviews

  • ALS_TheGamer ALS_TheGamer

    (My ears are dancing and speaking with me) Ears: Heart this, music like this is what we need to be what we are and to give us a nice day!. Me: I hearted it before play it because I knew is amazing, you ears need a brain, not only musical taste.

    Good grief!

    4/29/12 1:21 PM

  • JustinArt JustinArt

    Awesome gallery, Comishguy67! I knew this level would get a nice treat, and that's Mm pick. Congratulations!

    Good grief!

    4/27/12 10:35 PM

  • LBPCentralHub LBPCentralHub

    Congratulations comishguy67! your level has been given an honourable mention in Episode 84 of's Communtiy Spotlight! - Hubbie

    Good grief!

    5/6/12 4:38 AM

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