Good grief!

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Create A Wolf

By kacho75 kacho75

Create a wolf just for fun EDIT: 250 plays?! And 30 hearts?! Thnx guys! ;'D
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  • First published 4/22/12
  • Last published 2/21/14
  • Completed 207 times
Good grief!
  • jas2010 jas2010

    FadeLight//female//shy//aggressive// 10 (human years)//strong when mad eyes go red and has a lust for blood got sacrificed to protect the stronger wolves//can be bad or good//wolves mistake her for a beautiful ghost//can float//can easily go into a trance

    5/29/14 7:03 PM

    Good grief!
  • zod4prez zod4prez

    Gender : she wolf age : 18 personality : is silly and childish history : born right before her father died young kira grew up with only her mom. then at the age of 13 her mother got caught in a hunters trap. running to find help kira comes back for her mom. just to see shes gone. name : kira goodish-bad

    4/30/12 11:05 PM

    Good grief!
  • Zombabe77 Zombabe77

    age:12 name: sparkle gender:Female Side:good shes has a colorful mind, she likes EVERY food, she has a secret bf on the bad side and she loves to play.history she had 9 brothers and she was the only sister, she HAD to kill 5 of them, they went on the bad

    4/28/13 11:32 PM

    Good grief!