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Published in LittleBigPlanet™2 Hearted Queued A Wizard Did It: Chapter 1

A Wizard Did It: Chapter 1

By IonPulsar IonPulsar

Part one of A Wizard Did It. I'm reaching deep into fantasy roots on this one, as you take control of your mage and perform a haphazard demonstration of magical prowess in front of your peers. Meet interesting folk along the way, and try your best not to kill yourself! Have fun! Credit for the 8-Bit crew goes to Brian Clevinger. This guy knows his fantasy, and this is my tribute to his awesome work. You rock Brian! Careful when shooting icicles at the practice targets, this can break the level! Am fixing!
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  • First published 5/18/11
  • Last published 8/12/13
  • Completed 13,034 times
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Team picked on 5/18/11 (View more team picks)

Good grief!

    WOW, this is MINDBLOWING ~ I fully admire the time you put in on this, my review is this... I find this level a beautiful complex fusion of sackbot VS level construction, I hope people stay and enjoy this level all the way to its end. I look forward to seeing the next chapter in this epic story, Keep up the great work!

    9/18/11 3:32 AM

    Good grief!
  • p-p-j p-p-j

    Mm picked in 1 day...? Wow. Awesome lvl BTW. PS. Thanks for the 75 :Ds ppl! Thank you so muchh!

    6/4/11 3:43 PM

    Good grief!
  • Aku_Roku1200 Aku_Roku1200

    This was awesome and SO funny! The door bit, killed me! Not to mention how great the magical effects, scenery, obstacles, characters, and overall concept and dialogue were. I can't wait to do the next chapter! ^_^

    5/19/11 6:10 AM

    Good grief!