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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Soundtrack (Part 1)

Just stand among the sequencer to play the song. These are not ment to sound exactly the same as the game, but a style in which it can fit Little Big Planet 2 or my way. Enjoy! One player only please. Songs you will hear in this level: In a Snow bound Land, Hot Head Bop, Krook's March, Forest Interlude, Stickerbrush Symphony, Kannon's Klaim, & Bayou Boogie.

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  • F9zRazor F9zRazor

    We always use to play this game together, and up to know you still play it. I love Stickerbrush Symphony the most. I also love how you made where you have to climb in the Toxic Tower part for a bit lol, brings back terrible memories. LOST A LOT OF LIVES IN THAT BLOODY LEVEL!

    Good grief!

    6/9/11 11:35 AM

  • Tundra-G3ckO Tundra-G3ckO

    I love the Stickerbrush Symphony most. <3 and like the Hot Head Bop as well. actually you create ALL songs very well. but these two are my favorites. ^^ hope you make this songs as a giveaway some day. :3

    Good grief!

    7/28/11 9:53 AM

  • GameStriker1 GameStriker1

    Stickerbrush Symphony is by far my favorite, but those brambles though ugh >.<

    Good grief!

    12/28/14 8:48 AM

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