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DARK FORCE(Co-op sword action RPG)

Languege: English / 日本語. WARNING this level is very tough. [1~4P]Co-op top down sword action RPG! Choose your weapon and explor underearth dungeon for legendary force. If you need, take your best man with you. You need all help you can get.

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  • Snerky Snerky

    Ohmygod this is hard. I think the main challenge is that when you die, enemies respawn but health potions don't. Playing it singleplayer is extremely tough, I've spent a content hour or two getting the mage-killing technique down to a T... Then you spawned a monster out of an item crate! Totally unprepared and had to start again. HARD.

    Good grief!

    6/11/11 3:22 AM

  • Qrii_Nakari Qrii_Nakari

    Absolutely brilliant combination of a dark fantasy narrative and a hardcore RPG! The rusted environment and scary ambience smothered with the claustrophobic blanket of darkness makes this level astoundingly atmospheric. I loved how each class had its own animation style, the materials were expertly used, and the ending was cleverly twisted. If I could heart this level more than once, I would!

    Good grief!

    6/12/11 3:47 AM

  • Death-Smile Death-Smile

    Awesome! Just like Deamon souls and Dark souls. Great work^^

    Good grief!

    11/11/11 10:16 AM

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