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Figment [50 Minute Movie]

As a mentally unstable character Charles' life is devastated by the mysterious murder of his beloved wife. Fighting with his condition and as a prime suspect himself it's a race against time to investigate the horrific crime and discover who the murderer is. Theme: Horror/Thriller. Single player for best results. Run time = 48 minutes. Winner of the Sackinima movie competition.

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  • Mr-Newman11 Mr-Newman11

    cool very cool

    Good grief!

    7/16/13 3:40 PM

  • bdl2002 bdl2002

    The ending nearly made me cry, it was good though

    Good grief!

    7/16/13 5:58 AM

  • levi_djurhuus levi_djurhuus

    this is a awsome film, i like it

    Good grief!

    7/6/13 10:55 PM

  • Anyarainbow Anyarainbow

    very scary!!!

    Good grief!

    7/3/13 10:08 AM

  • murdahDoG murdahDoG

    Was this based on real life?

    Good grief!

    7/2/13 5:53 PM

  • arnold99 arnold99

    ihr werdet mich jetzt nicht verstehen aber dieser film ist einfach der beste in lbp mich wundert es nicht das dieses lvl ein mm favorit ist hat bestimmt lange gedauert das so hinzubekomm also: Herzlichen Glückwunsch muss ich ehrlich sagen

    Good grief!

    7/2/13 4:54 PM

  • XxCat-clawsxX XxCat-clawsxX

    Wow amazing just stunning tht film is... just shocking

    Good grief!

    6/20/13 8:41 PM

  • luth123htul luth123htul

    ummm.. am i the only 1 here who didnt understand the ending?, i know that charles did everything and that he was the murderer, but i don't understand the rest of the ending is it supposed to be a sad story and what dos john mean by eventually the truth will catch up to charles?like this if you also dont understand it or dislike if you do and teel me what he meant by eventually the truth will catch up to you plz.

    Good grief!

    6/14/13 5:05 PM

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