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MTG - A Malevolent Tale

A somewhat dark but light hearted tale of what occurred following the events of Little Big Planet 1.This is my team's entry for LittleBigPodcast's MTG Crown Contest. Control the menu with the dpad! Series created by @OneEyedBanshee, @Prattz, @XTrophx and @Jayhawk_er, aka PF4! Thanks for playing!

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  • TheGavfather TheGavfather

    An utterly BRILLIANT beginning to what I'm sure will be a level series to rock the very foundations of this competition. Intricate storyline, well-written dialogue and an excellently explained plotline, aswell as re-creations of the curators to a perfect standard make this a level of supreme standard.

    Good grief!

    5/22/11 8:13 AM

  • mousecube mousecube

    Okay, personal opinion? You deserve a crown so much for this! There are many things I like - too many! ...I'll list some of them! :p The design, how you rebuilt all of the characters - each adding your own spin to, how the emotions of the characters were portayed a lot by their eyes and eyebrows xD, the script, the way you made me feel sorry for The Collector and then dislike him again! ;D, the amazing standard to it all, the title screen and finally the music with the slowed-down part... Hearted! ^^

    Good grief!

    11/25/11 5:41 PM

  • Cesar_72 Cesar_72

    The intro is flawless. The levels are so perfect, Lightning, Music, Details, Story etc. This should be Mm picked in no time! Unless..... Mm's jealous xD

    Good grief!

    5/22/11 10:27 PM

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