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The League of Scientists World Tour: Prologue

Travel to the Scientists' aeroplane and join them as they begin their journey around the world...

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  • QuietlyWrong QuietlyWrong

    Short, not too challenging, and just the right shade of daft. I thought I'd got stuck when I brought those little blue floaty platforms too low to use to get to the next level, but after (perhaps a little too much) experimentation I discovered I could control exactly how high each one went and I can't help but think that there's a game mechanic for a whole level hiding in there. And nice to see you've found a good use for GB...

    Good grief!

    5/31/11 6:44 PM

  • jakamofo jakamofo

    I told you online that id play this. very quirky it reminds me what LBP is all about! good stuff very creative. Check out my Mike & Nora Level

    Good grief!

    10/21/11 8:25 PM

  • Deandria Deandria

    Fun but short (but then it is a prologue) and with your usual level of daft hilarity. Nice to see The League of Scientists finally getting an LBP2 debut, looking forward to the next part :)

    Good grief!

    9/30/11 2:36 PM

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