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SackTracking! [PART 2]

Our exciting tale continues! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Still designed for one player only! I'm still quite serious! This is the SECOND part, play the first part first!

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    That was very excellent. I have always loved the fact that all of your levels look diffent and original. But anyway, this is definatly a must play, I mean, the sackbot creatinator was genius and the characters were excellently created. I liked that one bit where you had to dance. I have never seen anything like that in lbp. And don't get me started on the visuals. Ok, I'll keep this short because I don't wanna be a review snob. Heart and a happy face for you.

    Good grief!

    6/4/11 10:49 PM

  • TheArtist23 TheArtist23

    Theres a glitch at the area saying .....Help Me. I cant sticker it

    Good grief!

    6/20/11 12:20 AM

  • coolman100 coolman100

    The homorous and entertaining adventure continues! The "?" are a great addition to make your well made, but sometimes thought requiring obstacles noobproof. The free visible LBP 1 logic in both parts gave the gameplay some more depth and is a really nice visual indicator. The ending reflected the behaviour of the main player crowd uncensored, yet funny. Last but not least I would like to mention beatiful the character design. Overall this level easily keeps up with the amazing quality from part 1!

    Good grief!

    6/4/11 10:16 PM

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