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Hop to it! [PART 1]

Oh snap! The ToadQueen have ( somehow ) captured you and is now forcing you to endure sneaky platforming challenges in a colourfull world where layer-changing is taken to new depths! Will you come out on the other side of the FROGENA or are you doomed not to hop? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This level is somewhat tricky! I have now fixed the ending cutscene (it's totally epic, dood) and the second part is now a sub-level for you score hunters out there. Enjoy!

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  • L1GhTmArE L1GhTmArE

    Unique visuals. Unique gameplay. How can you go wrong?! Loved all the dialogue and the challenge it brought forth to make this a complete package. Great work! I wonder whats the next nickname you'll call us thatll start with "fl"? (ex: flowerbucket, fluffball) XD

    Good grief!

    6/25/11 11:09 PM

  • dalnlego dalnlego

    amazing work! sometimes l PONDer how you create such magnificent levels! get it? POND in ponder, because frogs like to... ehh, never mind... BUT SERIOUSLY, l cannot take my eyes off of your stuff. l am a big supporter in all of your work. CROAK ON! l seriously think that you should be recruited an official MM creator!! big fan!

    Good grief!

    7/7/11 4:25 PM

  • Alley_Cat_8633 Alley_Cat_8633

    You sir, are a mad genius! I can rest assured, that when it comes to great gameplay and gufaws, you deliver everytime. Excellent work.

    Good grief!

    6/26/11 1:35 AM

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