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The Printz Diaries‚ Prologue: Cityscapes and Dreamscapes

And so the Epic Saga begins. . . Printz is quietly minding his own business in his hometown when he is abducted by an old lady. She takes him away to a mysterious land. . . How will Printz get out of this predicament? Who knows . . . ____________________________________________ Featuring music by radio_statik! ____________________________________________ Fonts by Defcab, Lite_sleeper & Comphermc ____________________________________________ |

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  • MuddledMuppet MuddledMuppet

    A beautiful telling of the story Ria, fantastic use of layers, voices, music, everything just goes together so well! I can't remember seeing such an obvious Mm pick, truly, I hope you get the attention this level deserves x

    Good grief!

    6/29/11 7:24 AM

  • charlie_saurus charlie_saurus

    I'm speechless at this level's originality! I thought this was a completely different game introduction movie!

    Good grief!

    6/29/11 2:24 PM

  • Foofles Foofles

    Where's the "Wow" tag? Cannot wait for this! An original story that stands on its own regardless of LBP, I am really looking forward to this.

    Good grief!

    7/1/11 3:38 PM

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