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Under Siege [1 PLAYER]

Control you're very own army to battle against a challenging oponent! Seige the castle from the enemy and hold them back for as long as you can in this strategic level. Spend hours trying to find your best strategy and claim your victory!

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  • Dortr Dortr

    This is very intricate and a really cool concept. I really liked those growing trees! The abilities/resource system was cool but the combat and use of the resources was lacking. It felt too focused on lightning and walking and the AI doing the same thing each time ruined the tactics.. All I'm trying to say is if this were updated and expanded, it would it would be epic.

    Good grief!

    10/22/11 1:01 AM

  • lukex34 lukex34

    This game was actually very good for a strategy game, I hope tosee this in MMpicks real soon! REMEMBER THE TUTORIL PEOPLE! Well done m8

    Good grief!

    6/29/11 2:11 PM

  • TraeDawg97 TraeDawg97

    Awesome, Reminds me of Strategio

    Good grief!

    7/7/11 8:13 AM

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