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The Quest for the Golden Trainer! (PLCC1 Winner!)

Legend tells of the tastiest trainer in time... Can you complete the tale, and help Higginbotham find the fabled footwear? Journey through his perilous house, avoiding traps and dangers. Use the Proffessor's latest invention, the patented "Squish-Bomb" to blow open the way forward! Can you find the Golden Trainer, and settle Higginbotham's starved stomach? Special thanks goes to Comphermc for letting me use one of his awesome fonts, jameslfc19 and hellobob5 for motivating me, and all those who tested!,

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  • crazysky108 crazysky108

    Really good, pal. This actually seems like a place Higgenbottom would live. I really like the idea since we didn't any actual Higgenbottom levels. The atmosphere is very nice and really believable. Only thing that might need a little help is the Squishy Bomb looks really plain. I kinda expected a bit more. Other than that I really loved this level

    Good grief!

    7/26/11 6:11 PM

  • rialrees rialrees

    Beautiful work nick! I love how bold the style is. Cinematics are top notch! On my way to... THE ATTIC!!!

    Good grief!

    7/24/11 8:19 PM

  • StimpMeister StimpMeister

    Pretty effects & backround... feels like it belongs in storymode (like a sidestory)

    Good grief!

    7/28/11 3:57 AM

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