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Little Big Fantasy - Goddess War [Episode1] (1Player ONLY RPG)

This is my 1st LBP2 level. It is an RPG lvl designed for 1 player only. It's an original story, however I was inspired by 2 of my all time favorite video games: Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts. This is just the beginning of the series. You will get a taste of the Menu and Battling System. As well as the story behind. I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks to all friends who helped.*(All 3 chapters in Episode1 were MAXed out, so loading time might be long, If loading fails, Plz try Chapter selete from title screen.

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  • Pirate3456 Pirate3456

    Honestly your levels are one of the main reasons i got lbp3 i hope you continue this story

    Good grief!

    11/20/14 3:06 PM

  • Pirate3456 Pirate3456

    I remember this lvl it is one of my favorite user created levels!! Please finish the game for lbp3

    Good grief!

    11/20/14 3:03 PM

  • CaliopeStar CaliopeStar

    Best level ever. Animations are out of the world good. Very well done, I love the way you think. Out of 0%100 I'd say higher then 100

    Good grief!

    10/21/14 5:58 PM

  • ljsed ljsed

    make part 2 please! its SO good!

    Good grief!

    8/24/14 3:56 PM

  • secret1917 secret1917

    Ahh, remembered this a long time ago.. ;)

    Good grief!

    7/13/14 6:47 PM

  • Werttex Werttex

    If you ever come back to LBP 2, you should make more chapters.

    Good grief!

    6/16/14 2:38 PM

  • kss62397 kss62397

    i could'nt move at the hotel for some reason

    Good grief!

    2/12/14 11:03 PM

  • blue_berry24 blue_berry24

    please make episode 2 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good grief!

    8/15/13 1:47 PM

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