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A nicely themed 2-player chess board. Features costumed sackbot pieces, move-prediction, smart king checking, easy pawn promotion, turn-taking, & single-move castling/long castling. Easy to learn the basics here. Thanks & have fun.

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  • L1GhTmArE L1GhTmArE

    This is crazy! All the pieces move right and checking is flawless. Love the use of sackbots as adds more depth! Also someone finally made a good use of the crown for once :D This also is great because you can actually learn how to play though this level! Good stuff man and congrats on the Mm Pick!

    Good grief!

    8/18/11 5:17 PM

  • Holguin86 Holguin86

    Absolutely superb man! This is what LBP2 is all about. The time you spent and the logic involved is absolutely crazy, and the game works faultlessly! A masterpiece of logical inspiration - amazing.

    Good grief!

    8/14/11 7:22 PM

  • StevenI StevenI

    Incredible, simply incredible! Would finish the review there but I've simply got to emphasise that within this level, you and a friend will find yourselves playing a fully working chess game that allows each player to take their respective turns whilst guiding them through the game by highlighting legal moves for every single chess piece on the board! Amazingly well-designed, fun to play and quite simply this is immense LittleBigPlanet logic at its absolute best! Bring a friend and play this level now!

    Good grief!

    8/17/11 5:48 PM

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