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Paris is for Lovers

Welcome on the roofs of Paris. Nothing to see here, just a charming platformer. 1 Player recommended. Thanks a million to weirdybeardy for the song "of course i still love you" and the remix you made for me =)

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  • StevenI StevenI

    I don't even know where to begin praising this level! It is a pure aesethic delight throughout! The scenery, lighting effects and overall artistic design are perfection in a LittleBigPlanet level! This level isn't just an eye-pleaser though, far from it! There's plenty of incredible platforming gameplay to behold as well, whilst you travel across Paris' rooftops and admire all the visual delights that Tobsn08 has provided! Definitely a must play level for all!

    Good grief!

    8/10/11 7:06 PM

  • Lockstitch Lockstitch

    Very fun and polished platformer with a really unique feel given both from the visuals and music.

    Good grief!

    8/11/11 6:28 AM

  • TYeeN TYeeN

    Wow este es muy deslumbrante, muy asombrosos detalles que haces, lo veo muy atractivo esos colores claros de purpura con azul me hacen recordar este estupendo nivel, grandes obstaculos & una muy acojedora musica para pasar esta aventura, es hermoso, uno de los grandes niveles que existen, mucho muy interesante & agradable como dije, es una lastima que el termometro limite al juego en multijugador, aun asi es buenísimo. hay muchas cosas para tomar en cuenta pero lo dejo asi ;).

    Good grief!

    7/14/12 4:22 AM

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