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A SACK MUSICIAN (1P ONLY)/トランペッター・リビッツ君

シングル/ミュージカル/21分/英語&日本語字幕/計2ステージ/初のムービー作品です。協力してくれた下記のフレンドさんたちに感謝。ありがとうございました!/this is my first time long movie i made. i hope you have enjoy. thank you all so much!/Single/Musical/21Minutes/English & Japanese Subtitles/2Levels/Credits for this movie-Miniature instruments:@GABBAH/Costumes:@BJA0217/Special thanks:@Rio_Lotta & @noni100percent/Story, Sets, Cameras, Music, Directed:@SAMURAI-09

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Top Reviews

  • Fox_McCloudFF7 Fox_McCloudFF7

    This was great!!! I dont see why Mm didnt feature this, its a masterpiece. It has a good lesson as well, no matter how hard something is at first, just pick your head up and keep trying, practice makes perfect after all, dont let what others say and think about you hinder you and theres no telling what you can accomplish, the skys the limit! I also liked the fact that your very own sackperson played a role in the film, and its about time Luigi stepped out of Mario's shadow and slapped him around a bit!

    Good grief!

    8/11/11 11:14 AM

  • wolf2596 wolf2596

    Such a beautiful level! The story was so touching and the quotes were heart warming! I have never seen such a touching, beautiful, and amazing film. This film even reached my inner child! I hope to see more movies from you soon. I'll be sure to show this to all my friends and I hope that this gets a MM Pick! Thank you for such an amazing film! - Wolfey

    Good grief!

    8/12/11 5:10 AM

  • SchrodingerDOG SchrodingerDOG

    This, movie.... It is like no other. I actually had FEELINGS to this sackperson. When he threw away the trumpet I nearly cried. This, my friend is THE most AMAZING movie I have ever seen. I wouldn't be surprised if this art work, was chosen by MM.

    Good grief!

    8/12/11 12:50 AM

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