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The Wrench (Pt 1) : Going Dark

You are an engineer on the Starship Meranda . Use your skills to help the crew! The level is entirely voice acted. It is recommend that your sound be on and headsets placed on mute. This is our first published level and ' constructive ' criticism is welcome. Level created by Cradle5462 and Kandas. Voice acting by Cradle5462, Kandas, Heidi and Thelme. ****redundancies fixed *****

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Top Reviews

  • A_Holy_Hobbit A_Holy_Hobbit

    Taking The Consructive Criticism Into Hand This Is A Great Level, But Suffers From The Puzzles Being A Bit Bog-Standard, The Ship Layout Suffers From Scenery Not Being Polished & The Puzzles WERE Hard. I Finished The Level, But Your Strengths Are Voice Acting & The Story. Good But Not Great Seeing As You Are New To LBP2. Part 2 Will Need Polish. 6.8/10 Good First Level Though :)

    Good grief!

    9/13/11 9:15 PM

  • ReDDroNE ReDDroNE

    For a first level, this is great! Could do with some improvements to the scenery, but other then that, your story and puzzles are great! Spend abit more time on scenery, and you'll get many more hearts :D

    Good grief!

    9/14/11 8:10 PM

  • Saturnuranuz Saturnuranuz

    Enjoyed this level, may become great, but what your missing is greater scenery (using one material as the floor for the player then adding another layer of material underneath is an idea) a greater use of sound and use of decorations and smoke, but a great start to lbp creating, 7/10 :x. At the odd gravity part, add some signs so people know when its high or low gravity, really struggled there x)

    Good grief!

    9/16/11 4:28 PM

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