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Abstract platformer based on the world of Tron. Play for the System or the Users and search for ISO's for bonus points. Playable multiplayer but SINGLE PLAYER RECOMENDED for best frame rate and some sections that are not multiplayer friendly. SPECIAL THANKS to hilightnotes for his amazing original music, comphermc for gameplay and ToykyoMegaplex for gameplay & the Tron font. Hope you enjoy it!

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  • O0__G_A_R_Y__0O O0__G_A_R_Y__0O

    I can do better but i gave up trying in the end lol

    Good grief!

    9/9/13 7:37 PM

  • LShadow LShadow

    More like this, please!

    Good grief!

    12/27/12 7:13 PM


    Best level!!!!

    Good grief!

    9/28/11 4:37 PM

  • insanitor37 insanitor37

    For anyone with terrible lag in this level, you should turn off the music, it really helps a lot. In case you can't find it, it's somewhere in the settings menu in the pause menu.

    Good grief!

    8/25/11 5:23 PM

  • radishlord radishlord

    The colour change is a really nice touch. Excellent level!

    Good grief!

    8/24/11 2:53 PM

  • rrlcl5 rrlcl5

    Try my Tron : LEGACY Music Gallery level for some free collectables.

    Good grief!

    8/22/11 12:43 AM

  • Ybags Ybags

    Hi! Please play the trailer of my upcoming level: Sack Nation. Thanks

    Good grief!

    8/21/11 9:11 PM

  • bubbas97 bubbas97

    Play my flying /hovering sackbot level with fully functional emotions it will blow your mind

    Good grief!

    8/21/11 4:39 PM

  • n32563 n32563

    8/21/11 4:29 AM



    Good grief!

    8/21/11 2:38 AM

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