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"Synesthesia" (LBPC3)

Welcome to Synesthesia, the coolest manufacturing plant in town where mechanisms, lights and contraptions randomly dance to music! Want to work here? Then check it out! {*Ace the level to win the music!!!} Note: This level is highly dependant on synchronization due to the competition rules. I've applied this throughout perfectly to my satisfaction. Unfortunately LBP2's game engine can sometimes "de-synch" things due to various reasons.) (Twitter @LFiers)

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  • Vectrant Vectrant

    Man, this level is sweet. The music is perfectly synchronized with the platforming, and there's lots of neat design elements that drift with the deep beat of the music. I absolutely love how you always include sections in which the players soar through the stage... Those are heaps of fun, and make your levels so much more exhilarating. Overall, this is definitely an outstanding contender for the LBPC3 Crown. You've outdone yourself, as usual, LFiers!

    Good grief!

    8/30/11 6:34 PM

  • steve_big_guns steve_big_guns

    Music was great, with everything synced perfectly, creative game play & a well thought out theme that fitted well with the background. Another level to be proud of.

    Good grief!

    8/28/11 8:55 AM

  • poms poms

    Wooow!... I would be a bit worried if I was in the competition. I think the crown is yours my friend.

    Good grief!

    9/2/11 1:07 PM

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