Good grief!

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Published in LittleBigPlanet™2 Hearted Queued カードあわせ Concentration (1P-4P)[JPN]

カードあわせ Concentration (1P-4P)[JPN]

By konnron konnron

カードをめくって覚えてあわせて遊んでね!マルチプレイのテストがあまりできていないのでもしバグがあったらすみませんが報告してもらえると嬉しいです。 ( Make paris of cards and get the score! I cannot test multi-play enough, so if u find some errors, plz leave comment and report me. Thank you for understanding.)
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  • First published 10/12/11
  • Last published 11/15/11
  • Completed 34 times
Good grief!
  • Reckemberg Reckemberg

    The smartly selected music and the smooth flowing of the background really improves in any way an average game of pairing cards, proving once more that is the design, the love and the decication of the creator what makes whatever a enjoyable experience. My only complain about the gameplay is the erratic movement of the cursor sometimes. In all, an interesting porpousal like the other that you have us used to =)

    10/12/11 8:54 PM

    Good grief!
  • Surfingfred Surfingfred

    beautyful :)

    10/12/11 2:30 PM

    Good grief!
  • mamaroo53 mamaroo53


    11/26/11 4:50 AM

    Good grief!