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THE DARK KNIGHT "Robbery gone stranger."

PG-13 (1P, AUTO-REJECT ON, MUSIC IN PLAYMODE ON, SUBTILES ON).... The EPIC opening scene from "THE DARK KNIGHT". CREDITS for this SCENE: DIRECTOR- Dracudelishio... CAST- xxRehab Rejectxx as Joker, Troy420 as Grumpy, Dracudelishio as Dopey and Bus Driver, HotwheelinBMD as Happy and Chuckles, AaronBurr as Bank Manager... SETS- Dracudelishio and Illusionrt... COSTUMES- Dracudelishio... MUSIC- Samurai 09 and Wolfy 616 ... CAMERAS and EDITING- Dracudelishio... VISUAL and SOUND FX- Dracudelishio and iiavalanchei

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  • hotwheelinbmd hotwheelinbmd

    That was AWESOME. Glad you choose me to do voices in this. IT IS A TRUE HONOR. Wow Rehab WAS AMAZING as the joker. 10/10 Just like I was watching the real thing. I'm going to make some popcorn and watch it again. Anyone who sad faces this wouldn't know a good level if it slapped them in the face. I can't wait till full movie is done. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK DRAC :)

    Good grief!

    10/17/11 5:07 AM

  • christiandadrum christiandadrum

    If this movie doesn't get an MM pick i will eat my hat! The most entertaining LBP movie i have seen in a LONG time! Cineatics, voice acting, art work, music, all worked beautifully together, fantastic work can not wait to see the whole thing!

    Good grief!

    10/17/11 3:36 PM

  • MaterialBoy MaterialBoy

    Fantastic! Some very nice cinematic moments, great camerawork, detail, sackbot acting AND voices. Pretty much everything was really well done. Can't wait for more! Excellent! Oh and the music was just epic, love it!

    Good grief!

    10/16/11 3:04 AM

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