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Why Call of Duty is better than Battlefield <sarcasm>

I'm here to tell the truth about C.O.D. i hope you enjoy :D. Since the community doesnt understand sarcasm, IM HATING ON C.O.D, BF3 FTW! Dont comment or review without watching!!!!

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Top Reviews

  • Dr_Pepper_Cherry Dr_Pepper_Cherry

    ... there just games people, people have different taste in games, thats fine. Dont need a childish fight over it.

    Good grief!

    9/11/11 10:05 PM

  • Lampie95 Lampie95

    Battlefield 3 Owns Cod!

    Good grief!

    9/11/11 10:03 AM

  • mudhut4 mudhut4

    COD would be fun if people treated it like a game... games are fun. BF3 is better. It encourages teamwork.

    Good grief!

    9/11/11 4:26 PM

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