Good grief!

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Published in LittleBigPlanet™2 Hearted Queued Naruto: LittleBigNinja V2.7 (1P Mode)

Naruto: LittleBigNinja V2.7 (1P Mode)

By Link_305 Link_305

TWELVE playable characters with four jutsu each (L1,L2,R1&R2), ninja tools(Square), and block(Circle) in this versus fighting (training) level. Choose from Kyuubi Chakra Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, the Raikage, Darui, Killer Bee, Danzo, the 4th Hokage, Itachi, the Tsuchikage, Hinata, and the Mizukage (NEW) with more on the way! Now, train with Lee with unlimited time and improved jutsu (Planetary Rasengan, Susano'o, Lava jutsu and more) Have fun and remember, Lightning>Earth>Water>Fire>Wind!
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  • First published 9/12/11
  • Last published 8/16/12
  • Completed 16 times
Good grief!

    im the first review and only 65 plays. wat gets me is levels like this that some1 put a LOT of wrk into gets near 0 plays whereas garbage levels like that STUPID elevator series have over 10,000. i dunno whose stupider, the people who even PAY ATTENTION to tha garbage or people who play it a billion times because it's "funny" yay this comment and this level if u agree

    10/9/11 1:10 PM

    Good grief!
  • cizi10 cizi10

    nice level i am a fan of naruto please make more

    1/17/12 9:32 PM

    Good grief!
  • Darkphoenix0000 Darkphoenix0000

    Thankx for putting hinata, she looks fenomenal, great job in rotation ;), but in her appereance it would be epic if u used espectra hair (DLC) from watchmen

    2/4/12 4:40 PM

    Good grief!