Good grief!

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Published in LittleBigPlanet™2 Hearted Queued LBP Keyboard User's Manual

LBP Keyboard User's Manual

By Samson107 Samson107

User's Manual for the eagerly awaited LBP Keyboard. This should show you everything you need to know. OPEN BETA TRAILS NOW ON!
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  • First published 9/16/11
  • Last published 11/4/11
  • Completed 0 times
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Team picked on 5/18/12 (View more team picks)

Good grief!

    Hmmm... Well I don't see why you guys are complaining about this amazing creator getting two MM-Picks. First of all, I'm saying this: MM-Picked levels are unique and special levels deserved to be admired. In this case, it is an object/tool. MM-Picked levels are special in their own way. Having much time being built and the effort and creativity. This Keyboard is amazing. And its features/tools. I doubt any of you can duplicate this and make it better. If you can, I'd love to see you try. c:

    5/19/12 2:33 AM

    Good grief!
  • DjVoldo DjVoldo

    As far as the Mm pick negativity is going on, I understand the thoughts on it, but I'm personally happy it is picked. This is a great tool that should have been standard in the original creation tools bag. It isnt more than right Mm highlights it...

    5/19/12 6:13 AM

    Good grief!

    Stop bullying this guy. He made something worthwhile, and as much as you say it's easy to replicate, I'd like to see you try to make something better. It's not HIS fault he got 2 MM Picks, so don't take it out on the creator!

    5/23/12 11:31 AM

    Good grief!