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The Great Giana Sisters (Retro Platformer)

This level is a 1:1 pixel remake of "The Great Giana Sisters", one of the best platformers on C64. It includes 4 complete stages and the original retro soundtrack... HAVE FUN!!!

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  • Squiggly1999 Squiggly1999

    Well WOW what you have done is made a 8 bit platformer that isnt mario or sonic you made sackboy into a 8 bit hero . only thing I would say is make your own stary background but apart from the great level you should be proud of your self 9/10

    Good grief!

    10/29/11 3:38 PM

  • bo01141993 bo01141993

    lolz amazing!!! AHH NO Mm picks noooooooooo! ~diez~ rate YAY if u want dis Mm picked it will revive me LOLZ LOLZ LOLZ ( i also aced it )

    Good grief!

    10/24/11 9:43 PM

  • KgamerZone KgamerZone

    Ah the memories! Brilliant Commodore 64 LBP2 Dub! The remixed music, Level Design, and attention to detail really made the level look legit! It was as if I was playing GS on the good 'ol commodore! I especially liked the old command line intro, the fonts and the whole game layout. Everything felt fluid. Mm pick for sure! Lost 2 Lives but completed it all the way nontheless. Excellent work!

    Good grief!

    9/25/11 1:03 PM

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