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"Quadratech Mansion" (LBPC4)

You're out house hunting as you stumble across a beautiful looking mansion. A strange looking real estate agent asks you to "test" his mansion out & you reluctantly accept. After going in to this strange mansion you realise it isn't a normal home & subsequently get locked in. Can you solve the puzzles & make your way out? Introducing 1 mansion. Featuring 4 elements of physics. Laced with non-linear gameplay. (Notes: Music by me.) {Follow me on Twitter: @LFiers}

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  • poms poms

    Tibi, you're THE BEST!

    Good grief!

    9/30/11 6:41 AM

  • RikiRiki-ita RikiRiki-ita

    really great entry for the competition, i like the idea of "chambers" all linked to a main one. i liked a lot Gravity and Deflection chamber, weight chamber is a good platforming section, the game play is solid and the aestethics is quite good, the idea is wonderful. the thing i really like about you, Lfiers, is that you have always new and fresh ideas that can give me a smile! once again, good work man!

    Good grief!

    9/29/11 9:37 PM

  • PurpleChaos PurpleChaos

    Sit back LF, relax while I pick at this track with a pickaxe. I love what you create and make gravitate, levitate and elevate the playing rate sky high as I escalate through the LFiers' estate. Lethal and Fierce coming back atcha! I'll match ya with these lines that I flow and rhyme. This is best contest entry thus far. Your excess effort leaves me trying digest this crest of your best work, yes, BEST work yet. You've yet to mess up L-F. I'm impressed!

    Good grief!

    9/29/11 9:52 PM

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