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Cosmicron (1P) [PHI]

The game is singleplayer, but spectate mode is supported... More than 1 player will vary gameplay and may not be as fluid. Special thanks @Festerd_Jester and @Skreetsha for audio support and @Comphermc for his great fonts! --- THANK YOU Mm and everyone who's played THIS! You're the sole reason why LBP is so innovative and fun! Thank you for playing! --- Finished: November 22nd, 2011

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  • Angel-Box Angel-Box

    Brilliant level you have here Rod. This level is so great. I love the amount of detail you put into this level. Music was good and i found zero bugs. I have to say this is the best 3D shooting level i've yet to see. The airplane was just flawless. The amount of work and effort you put into this level really does show. 10/10 Edit: Congrats on Pick!!

    Good grief!

    4/6/12 9:49 PM

  • RtooDee2 RtooDee2

    Excellent shooter you have here. It has a perfect old school vibe to it and its a level that deserves a lot more plays. Great Job.

    Good grief!

    11/23/11 7:38 PM

  • Chaos_Martin Chaos_Martin

    If there ever was a reason why you should keep playing LBP. Then this is one of those reasons. I realy enjoyed it. The gamplay was brilliant, I enjoyed the music the suited the level. The only thing I would say is try to make it feel like you is flying forward . But besides that this level *Thumbs up*

    Good grief!

    12/30/11 6:44 AM

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