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Little Big City Builder

Can you aid the helpless sackpeople fend off against countless waves of Red-heads? Or will thousands of innocent sacks be murdered in cold blood... It's kind of like a tower defence only its not, its 100% more original. You can place your own buildings down and build a small city. If you make to round 23, YOU will expierience the greatest cinematic adventure of your life! (two endings, one for winning and one for losing) Thanks for playing :ps: its a little hard to get the hang of but read the tutorials! :)

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Top Reviews

  • Love_Muffin22 Love_Muffin22

    That was EPIC! I dont see why this doesnt have more plays, it has so many crazy elements and the two end movies give it that extra touch. Bravo and a million hearts, i hope to see this mm picked one day!

    Good grief!

    10/9/11 5:20 PM

  • mrmarc1996 mrmarc1996

    Outstanding! The best and most unique tower defense I've played on LBP2. Very challenging and fun. One thing: The buildings such as the farm, market, mine, and all the things that generate points should do so much faster, as the slow-ness with thich they do it is incredibly frustrating. Overall, this is an amazing level that everyone should play.

    Good grief!

    10/18/11 1:39 AM

  • abody_xplay1 abody_xplay1

    Strategy games! my favourite! This level makes a brilliant history! Its hard, but the gameplay is fun as playing Monopoly! So epic, and because its not popular, it's the best hidden gem you can find!

    Good grief!

    10/22/11 12:24 PM

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