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[PLCC2] Bot 'n Tot

FINISHED 4:55. We join our favorite crimefighters in yet another action-packed adventure! In this episode, a bloodthirsty, cunningly brilliant gang of newspaper mafia members use millions of rubber bands to smash into the bank. How will our duo fare this time? ------ Thanks to @rialrees and @sinus_man for voice talents!

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    Freaking genius! I would totally watch this as a kid.... and now as well! Who needs another gay pokemon clone when u could have BOT n' TOT! FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!!

    Good grief!

    1/7/12 12:30 PM

  • Ghost_Jor Ghost_Jor

    Haahaa, that was actually really funny! And it seemed to get funnier as it went along! And as soon as they were wearing their disguises I lost it for the rest of the movie! The final scene was very creative to say the least, and the use of the Vox was hilariously used well too! Great moive good sir! One thing was though, at the final scene, the characters were visably disapearing which kinda put me off. But pssh, it's only a minor thing.

    Good grief!

    12/19/11 7:00 PM

  • Spaff_Molecule Spaff_Molecule

    that was great! Especially the intro! <3

    Good grief!

    1/13/12 4:21 PM

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