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Published in LittleBigPlanet™2 Hearted Queued Elly's amazing Pod adventure - Chapter 1

Elly's amazing Pod adventure - Chapter 1

By Dini_at_home_400 Dini_at_home_400

Hello and welcome to Elly's amazing Pod adventure or " how not to play LBP 2". We proudly present a co-created funny series about an amazing day in LBP 2 or to show, what could happen after doing H4H or stuff like that. Come in and enjoy 6 CHAPTERS full of fun, look behind the scenes of Mm and learn more about this amazing game._____________________________ Cheers, Dini_at_home_400, choeb, Bluephantom575, aleparad, Link_at_home_400 & LittleAngel-Nane.
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  • First published 12/1/11
  • Last published 4/19/14
  • Completed 7,286 times
Good grief!
  • OmegaSlayer OmegaSlayer

    A lovely beginning for a heart touching saga. There's so much of everyone's experience with the game inside these levels, you can only watch them and smile and have your heart warm. Thanks. This is really a work made with heart and passion that catches the lovely, more human side of this amazing game and Community

    12/1/11 7:09 PM

    Good grief!

    Hmm.. Not sure how to start, I have so many true great things to say about it. First off, I like how the story begins; "3 best friends", going on an adventure. Sounds happy and fun, on top of the whole adventure part beginning. After seeing the scenes and the story starting off it gets you hyped to play the series, what a great way to start this level series off. It has the 3 best things in my opinion; story about friends, an adventure, and humor included. I gotta say, bravo! And I'm excited to continue. :)

    12/2/11 5:12 AM

    Good grief!
  • abody_xplay1 abody_xplay1

    Wow! what a sweet saga! and a funny one too, one long film as in the cinemas, mixed with a perfect story of the survival of 3 girls from humorous characters that are clearly not thier day - Great job, you need an urgent heart.

    12/2/11 5:12 AM

    Good grief!