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Gold Miner

[3-4 Players Recommended] On land or in water, mine for treasure like diamonds, gold, gems, and skulls. But beware! At night, robbers will come to steal your treasure stash, and once gone, game over. Will you be the richest of them all? (2012 Re-make).

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Top Reviews

  • Traveler7549 Traveler7549

    Yay if u hit the jackpot!

    Good grief!

    12/17/11 9:28 PM

  • Desuko25 Desuko25

    This makes me want to play Minecraft.

    Good grief!

    11/1/11 12:06 AM

  • SupahFreak5 SupahFreak5

    The master of creating is back, now with an addictive mining RPG that I can play with my friends or by myself. This game is amazingly constructed and really takes your breath away. And, to top it all off, the fun never ends! Even once you've bought everything, you can still try to hit all the mining spots possible knowing you keep getting better. This level definitly earned a heart from me. Very nicely done!

    Good grief!

    10/28/11 8:49 PM

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