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If I Were You...

Why is Sackthing always being berated for just trying to have a little bit of fun? Can't we all just calm down and go back to gadding about like we used to? ___________________________________________ My entry for the latest Planetarium Creation Contest, but it's just a bit of fun really! My heartfelt thanks to those who helped, @Calyst_aayla, @Stellakris, and @radio_statik.

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  • Dini_at_home_400 Dini_at_home_400

    It was sooo funny :D and a really nice movie too! Gretings Dini.

    Good grief!

    11/19/11 1:51 AM

  • leklack leklack

    True Ria! That's what this game is all about, having FUN! And I have a confession to make.... I play some bomb survivals every now and then.... just for the simple FUN of it. :P Hugs! <3

    Good grief!

    11/20/11 1:50 PM

  • rover42 rover42

    this was lolish so funny it had loads of thingy ma bobs i bet awesome credits by the way a load of effort i think i might muck about on my moon lolz epic vid ima grab my pick and shovel to diggy diggy hole =)

    Good grief!

    11/19/11 7:12 PM

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