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  • Underoath_77 Underoath_77

    I noticed in your new version update you had some music loops. I have plenty of songs I've made on here, and would love to contribute to the music aspect of the toolkit. My music ranges from heavy doom, foreboding, battles or boss battles, conversation fillers, weird, happy, calm. Pretty much anything you can think of, and a few covers.. Just the other day I completed a cover of Underneath The Rotting Pizza from FF7. Anyway, look forward to your reply, and I'll have my contributions ready.

    Good grief!

    1/18/12 8:09 AM

  • killercraig34 killercraig34

    I dont offer logic,but when it comes to design im your guy.

    Good grief!

    12/28/11 10:02 PM

  • brainiac30 brainiac30

    I have three things. All are sackbot chips. #1. Double jump chip - kinda self explanitory but u can tweak the hights. #2. Wall climbing - again, self explanitory. #3. Driver chip - you turn the controller left and right like a steering wheel. But you can make it do what you want to.

    Good grief!

    11/23/11 12:56 AM

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