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THE SACK DANCER (37mins)/マイ・サックダンサー

シングル/ラブストーリー/37分/英語・日本語字幕/計4ステージ/下記の凄腕クリエーターさんたちが、このムービーのためにすばらしい背景やセット、オブジェクト、コスチュームなどを作ってくれました。完成したのはみんなのおかげです。本当にありがとうございました。楽しんでもらえたらうれしいです。Single/Romance/37Minutes/English & Japanese Subtitle/4Levels/Credits for this movie-Sets:@gyuugo, @Rio_Lotta, @a-tziluth, @J-creative/Costumes:@BJA0217/Miniature Instruments:@GABBAH/English translation:@Mr_Fusion/Special Thanks:@azuki-in-kome, @HIKOOSEN/Cameras, Story, Music, Directed:@SAMURAI-09/Thank you all so much! We love LBP.

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    Samurai-09 comes back with yet another just amazing movie. 37 Minutes and 4 levels of pure, complete AWESOMENESS! The story was amazing and well thought through. Sets was incredible and super well detailed. If this does not get Mm picked. I'll eat my sun glasses!

    Good grief!

    12/9/11 4:57 PM

  • Immortal_BeIoved Immortal_BeIoved

    I fell in love with this story.. And what an amazing, heart warming story it is.. So much depth and meaning. It's beautiful. And with some unexpecting twists also! But I won't spoil it for others. If they haven't seen "Sack the Musician" then you definitely need to watch that first! Because both stories tie together. :) But really.. This story really moved me. I'm really not stressing enough. It's wonderful. And this thoroughly deserves an Mm Pick. The dancing was great! :)

    Good grief!

    12/9/11 12:51 PM

  • Biobliterator341 Biobliterator341

    This movie should be promoted to a DVD set for 3 pounds for those who dont have LBP2. I actually think it should! Yay if you agree!

    Good grief!

    1/14/12 1:01 AM

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