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the good ol days roleplay (very old)

roleplay in old england times, where there was no such thing as indoor plumbing and people used out houses to do their business instead, the only water available was from the local well, queen victoria ruled britain at the time, jack the ripper was at large, houses weren't exactly big and the only entertainment was ballroom dancing hope you have fun in the good ol days bugs: if the out house brakes get in 3 times fast to fix i will try fix in future off map i tried fix but couldn't good luck and have fun

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    Nice buildings that you created in this level. Good fun! I loved how I was allowed to enter different rooms too!

    Good grief!

    3/15/12 4:38 PM

  • supersonicfan96 supersonicfan96

    what a beautiful town, btw how r we going to rescue the girl who gt stuck in the well?

    Good grief!

    1/1/12 3:38 PM

  • zmylied zmylied

    First of all i must tell you that you do a good job with the scenary but the use of the controlinator as teleporter has a problem because if you press triangle quickly you leave the trantition and lost the way and you must to pop the same happen with the borehole, where a meet a woman that used a umbrella under roft XP

    Good grief!

    3/18/12 10:17 PM

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