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Neon Nature

* UPDATED* Help the Queen & Run Along a Beautiful Naturific Forest ! This is my second type of platformer so i hope you like it. (: --------------------------------------------------------- *For Best Visuals* i recommend 1 player. May take awhile to load... sorry about that.

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  • XxLil_SugarxX XxLil_SugarxX

    People just STOP hating. Seriously she didn't know she was going to get Mm picked did she? Even if it does need work (which i don't think it does) this level looks like it had effort put into it. Stop critisizing idance360, she just made a cute level and it got picked. Be fair on her, you're making it sound like she made a noob level. I doubt a lot of people could do what she has done. Keep up the good work IDance360 :3

    Good grief!

    4/14/12 4:04 PM

  • like2playnaruto like2playnaruto

    When level has no ribbon everybody yay's, but when the level has a ribbon around it, everybody boo's. How exactly does this make sense? It doesn't. We should all know by now it wasn't her choice to get an Mm pick, she just made a fantastic level. So really, why blame the creator? This comment was directed towards the guys saying Mm was on crack, not creators giving out advice*

    Good grief!

    4/15/12 8:13 AM

  • deadmn deadmn

    People are booing this not because its a bad level, which its not compared to alot of other levels it is good. They a booing because it have a ribbon around it, which is quite silly. If there wasnt a ribbon around it you wouldnt be booing, would you guys? No one chooses to be Mm picked XD

    Good grief!

    4/14/12 3:15 PM

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