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Sealed Fate - Chapter 1 [Action RPG] [Single Player]

#[!]# RESTART LBP RIGHT BEFORE PLAYING THIS TO AVOID CRASHING! <br> <br> <br> <br> #[!]# IF LOADING FAILS, TRY AGAIN <br> <br> --First part of the Sealed Fate series. Play as a young rune magician who is destined to determine the fate of the world. Features an innovative combat system mixing realtime action and drawing gestures to cast spells! <br><br> --Special thanks to Qrii_Nakari for art and other stuff! Custom music by Velvet--Audio, battle music by Arexion. (v. 1.05) --Thanks for MM pick!!

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  • gokuxd58 gokuxd58

    Is this possible to create a level like this with the tools MM has given us!? This is my favorite level in little Big Planet history starting from the time Sackboy has invented the popit! The detail, story and errrrrrr EVERYTHING is epic and has inspired me to try my best in creating levels and taking my time. This must have took you forever to make, 10/10. This is a ture masterpiece, As soon as I started playing the level guess what I did ? I hearted it. You deserved this mm pick. May I say BRAVO

    Good grief!

    1/10/12 1:18 AM

  • epic_pwnage1 epic_pwnage1

    didnt finish playing but it was amazing! a MASTERPIECE!!! more then an Mm pick... this deserves a SACKIE award! YAY if u agree

    Good grief!

    1/11/12 2:40 AM

  • Evaiken Evaiken

    Did i really just play an LBP level? OR DID I JUST PLAY THE GREATEST LEVEL OF ALL TIME?! The detail was beyond belief. I could never make something as in depth as this. AMAZING job Felkroth. 11/10

    Good grief!

    1/9/12 11:08 PM

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