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Soldiers of Virtue: Single-Player Demo [3D FPS]

*UPDATE: New Cutscenes on my Planet NOW! Check 'em out when you're done! ;)* Get a little taste of the biggest FPS on LittleBIGPlanet yet! After months of hard work, one sackboy took the challenge of making a fully-fledged shooter with a Campaign, Online Multiplayer, and the best gunplay of all those before it! Behold! Soldiers of Virtue! Hold L1, L2, and L3 on the Main Menu for an Easter Egg! (NOTE: Rotation to come in full game! :D )

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  • oO-_Sackbot_-Oo oO-_Sackbot_-Oo

    It's genious ! I make FPS 3D for I'm on LBP2 and rarely I've played as good 3D level !! I know it is difficult to create this and I've seen you have a talent ! The first 2min, I thought it was by SBG (his 3D level is so amazing !). Dude, if you want, invite me, and I'll show you my level in my moon. Your level deserves more plays, but you can have more plays !! Look, because of Special_D, PP-Killer and Evret, my levels have 3x more plays in some days !! AWESOME LEVEL !!!

    Good grief!

    2/14/12 6:50 PM

  • geogoat geogoat

    This is brilliant but you need to be able to turn.

    Good grief!

    2/12/12 9:23 PM

  • halokid14 halokid14


    Good grief!

    2/12/12 5:00 PM

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