Good grief!

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Published in LittleBigPlanet™2 Hearted Queued Frozen warfare! (Snowball Multiplayer Deathmatch)

Frozen warfare! (Snowball Multiplayer Deathmatch)

By Blueraccoon2 Blueraccoon2

Enter a world of frozen landscapes where snow is your only weapon and your team is your only chance for victory! ONLINE TEAM DEATHMATCH game with map and team selection to make any game your own! Created by Blueraccoon2 (Creator/Director/Map designer), Coolman100 (Logical director) Nunezwil (testing, ideas helper), BoomBanG_Media (Original concept) Chocojojo (Jump logic) Music by 0165_Vivaldi-NL ALSO visit my youtube at PS3GamerReview for gameplay & video reviews.
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  • First published 2/12/12
  • Last published 7/15/12
  • Completed 58 times
Good grief!
  • coolman100 coolman100

    Amazing to finally see this masterpiece finshed! Four fully costum made and beatifully decorated maps make sure that every play is a unique one. The menu does its job flawlessly, especially the option to set any team combination you want adds a good replay value even for the same party and the titel screen looks great. Thanks to all the fine tuning every single section of level is as bug resistent as posible. But most of all, it is a pure joy to play. It was a blast helping with this phenomenal project!

    4/14/12 12:47 PM

    Good grief!
  • iiavalanchei iiavalanchei

    Its cool! And after all that work too, it was definietly worth it. :D

    2/13/12 12:09 AM

    Good grief!
  • nunezwil nunezwil

    Took lots of months to do it, but after all the testing and fixing glitches, we finally finish this great level :D

    2/12/12 11:54 PM

    Good grief!