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Memories in LBP2 2011

A Flim with photos of friends and fun moments that were deleted or not in LBP2. Music by Muddled Muppet. Thanks to Sleepingveins for support. This took 6 months to make the pictures. This means LBP2. They are not all emo! UPDATE:I changed the very first picture.

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  • SuckaPunch23 SuckaPunch23

    I'm rating this up not because I hold the same experiences, but because I also have a lot of good times, and good friends in this community. This really shows the brighter side beyond the trolls and the noobs, so I'm glad that you've found happiness in the community. Congradulations on having a lot of good friends here. The only reason I can comprehend someone booing this would be because they don't understand the meaning, or their a troll.

    Good grief!

    1/15/12 8:05 PM

  • FrozzenFlamezz FrozzenFlamezz

    Just shows lbp isn't all about making level's and getting hearts its also about having fun with friend's and making new friends :)

    Good grief!

    1/17/12 5:37 PM

  • Baycon9410 Baycon9410

    i had no good times ppl kept insulting me u dont know what it feels like playing a fun game but getting insulted like they name call ,call jerk called noob and loser i wish ppl werent like that to me T_T rate up if it was like this to u

    Good grief!

    1/16/12 11:48 PM

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