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Cartoon Pinball

Hello Sackboys and Sackgirls this is my newest Creation: Cartoon Pinball. Every Cartoon is selfmade :) but you can win some of my Cartoons. Thanks for ideahelp to : Kaffka75, n1tr0t0m, muemmilein and Giftfrosch. Ok have Fun oh and can you win every Prize? :P Please Play only with 1 Player 2 or more will be laggy. Fails to Load? Try again!

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Top Reviews

  • lordmidgit lordmidgit

    Way too few plays, honestly deserves an Mm pick! :D

    Good grief!

    1/28/12 3:43 PM

  • b33348 b33348

    This Must Be Mm Picked Right NOW!! EDIT: .. Mm.. YA KIDDING!?? >:C

    Good grief!

    7/30/12 10:18 PM

  • KgamerZone KgamerZone

    This is a very good pinball game. The controls were solid, the flow of the menus looked flawless and gameplay was flawless aswell. A Classic take on a classic game. I liked how you built it with the audience in mind, this would be perfect for younger gadders to play! You've truely thought of everything, This is a must play by far. I hope you earn a Mm pick, as this level was amazing. The Smiley faces were a nice touch, I found them quite cute.

    Good grief!

    1/27/12 9:36 PM

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