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LBP Checkers [2P/AI COM] (Move Support)

***IF THE CPU GLITCHES, RESTART YOUR PS3 AND GIVE IT ANOTHER TRY! THANKS!*** Thanks for the MM PICK! The classic game of Checkers, recreated and fully automated in LBP. Play with friends, or play against the CPU (difficulty settings in "Options"). Sorry about the lag. Thanks to AceStryker for the paint tool art, Alley_Cat_8633 for aesthetic help, and all my friends who helped me test. [Please send pics/write comments of bugs you may find]

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Top Reviews

  • saltynapalm saltynapalm

    Completely astonoshing! The CPU kept me on my toes until the very last second! Truly aspiring work. I don't see why people would boo this. YAY if you agree. :)

    Good grief!

    3/2/12 6:48 PM

  • Zippopot Zippopot

    Woah, AI in LBP, next thing you know it'll turn in to skynet!

    Good grief!

    3/3/12 9:24 AM

  • Shred72 Shred72

    Though i prefer chess over checkers, you did a good job with it the only things i found strange was the cursor movement i figured it wouldve switched to different squares and that in actual checkers if you could jump someone you HAD to i didn't see that rule here. all and all it ws a good play oh and i lost lol turns out im not that good

    Good grief!

    3/7/12 3:49 AM

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