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The lost rolls: Dryrim (toally not like skyrim)

[RPG] Silly level for Silly people :O! , lolwut. -------------- nothing happens in this level

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  • whiterhino2k11 whiterhino2k11

    rate up if u found bow

    Good grief!

    5/28/12 7:22 AM

  • dragonslayersam dragonslayersam

    ahh Dryrim, a place where it never rains......

    Good grief!

    6/4/12 9:07 AM

  • White_Demon_Wolf White_Demon_Wolf

    Everyone, Listen up! There is a special tree in this level (I think) because in Ray's Welcome home level, there is a picture of TWO dogs. But you can only find one of them in the level. Then there is a picture of a dog jumping over the fence, and in where this special tree is.. There MIGHT be some sort of connection... :o

    Good grief!

    5/30/12 5:25 PM

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