Good grief!

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Published in LittleBigPlanet™2 Hearted Queued SoD: [Act 2-3] Pyre Crisis (2012 REMAKE) Part 1

SoD: [Act 2-3] Pyre Crisis (2012 REMAKE) Part 1

By Alley_Cat_8633 Alley_Cat_8633

Your in a race against time to catch up to your companions and seek help or Gadaron will be destroyed. -------------------------------------------------------- An intense platformer filled with cinematic events. 1 player recommended. Part 3 of Act 2. Special thanks to Jocko_99, L1ghtmare, Mrs. Alley_Cat, Muddled Muppet, and Steve_Big_Guns for their creative input. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------- What started out as an update turned into a full on remake!
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  • First published 6/1/12
  • Last published 6/24/12
  • Completed 133 times
Good grief!
  • mikins717 mikins717

    And again, AlleyCat's level blew me away! That was just awesome, pure platforming example, jewel of LBP - super fantastic, super enjoyable gameplay, adorable scenery, nice and funny voice acts (Noooooo, Help :D) and undescribable effects - superb stunt through the window, jumping on flaming bounce pad, explosions and many more actions! Just unbelievable! If this masterpiece didn't get a Mm pick, I'd make a protest level! AlleyCat, you're a one big magician! Perfect, no comments... 10/10!

    6/2/12 5:35 AM

    Good grief!
  • kateonamission kateonamission

    So good! Great story, visuals, gameplay... LBP's lucky to have creators like you :)

    6/3/12 3:33 AM

    Good grief!
  • forcedfusion7 forcedfusion7

    Nice action packed rush of a level pretty hard to compete against alleys creations. Overall fun this will do well. Keep up good work.

    6/1/12 5:59 AM

    Good grief!